10 Healthy Liver Foods - Things You Can Eat That Protect Your Liver

Liver ailments are very common in developed countries and up to 30% of the population of those countries suffers from what is known as steatosis, or fatty liver, an underdiagnosed condition that causes rashes, tiredness, obesity, diabetes, puffy eyes...

But here are the top 10 healthy liver foods you can eat to get out of that group:

Ginger - you can find fresh ginger, pickled ginger, and dried ginger. They are all a great addition, though some people dislike it's strong fresh. minty, and spicy flavor. Start with small amounts and find out what's perfect for you.

Turmeric - another liver protecting condiment, turmeric is often used in India and other countries to make things yellow. It has a very subtle taste and some people even claim it has no taste at all. A favorite of mine is adding turmeric to plain rice while it cooks.

Green Leafy Vegetables - every vegetable will protect your liver, but leafy vegetables have been shown to be especially protective. People who live in areas where leafy vegetables are consumed in larger amounts have less liver disease, while people who live in countries that consume few of these are plagued with fatty liver. As a rule of thumb, half your plate should be filled with greenies.

Fruit - fruit's fiber, vitamins and yet to be clearly understood enzymes help digestion and reduce the incoming toxic substances your liver has to deal with.

Vegetable and Fruit Juices - these combine the benefits of fruit, vegetables, and raw food (see next). Some people go on a one week or one month juice-only diet and have completely reversed serious liver disease. In fact, some people were diagnosed with untreatable terminal liver disease and have reversed it using this diet!

Raw Food - the heat used in cooking destroys the enzymes naturally found in food. These enzymes usually help digest the food and without them digestion hinders. One of the best ways to eat more raw food is eating fruit and juices.

Artichoke - look beyond its weird look, artichoke is one of the healthiest foods out there and can be delicious.

Whole Grains - the whole here is key. Whole grains have protein and, more importantly, fiber.

Soy Products - soy and its derivates (soy milk, tofu, tempeh...) have been shown to reduce inflammation and reverse and prevent cancer. Since what is going on in your liver is an inflammatory process which sometimes lead to cancer, soy will be a great addition to our diet.

Water - I'm not sure if this is a food or not. But it doesn't matter. Your cells, including your liver's, need this to work, so make sure you drink plenty.

Do Even More For Your Liver

Eating the right food is not the only thing you should be doing. The way you eat it, what you don't eat, some supplements, exercise, and even small periods of detoxing are key to protecting your health and reversing disease.

If you want to know more ways you can protect your liver, head on over to LiverCare101.com and read the free guide to healthy liver.