I Hate Taking Medicine

I can not even guess how many times I have heard that statement from patients when I ask them about the medications they take everyday. Many times I ask them why they are taking medication and the most common answer is "The doctor said I had to". If someone is taking more than one medication (which is usually the case), I ask them if they know which medicine is for which condition. About 50% do not know which medication is for blood pressure, cholesterol or stomach issues, etc. Then the next 2 questions almost always draw a blank stare reaction - How high was your cholesterol or how high was your blood pressure? They usually don't have any idea. Then I want to know that when their doctor told them that they had to take this medicine, did the doctor base the recommendation on 2 or 3 blood pressure readings over a period of weeks or did the doctor do at least a second blood test 2 or 3 months later to check their cholesterol to see if was still high? Their answer almost always is "no" or "I don't think so".

Why? That should be standard procedure. Blood pressure can vary widely from day to day over a period of weeks, as with cholesterol readings. Once a patient is placed on these medications, rarely does the doctor ever say "let's try stopping the medicine for a while and see how things are going". People are expected to take medicine for the REST OF THEIR LIFE! Yet I hear it everyday - "I hate taking medicine"...

Think about this - no doctor can "make" a patient take anything. None of the medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are something that needs to start the day they are prescribed or a heart attack or stroke will occur soon. It does not work that way.

Ask yourself this question - Do I know anyone who started on one medication and a year or two later is still taking only one medication? Also - Do I know anyone who has started on one of these drugs and they really seem healthier, more active, more alive or more joyful after being on the medication for 2 or 3 years?

Think about this - If taking drugs for just about every lab value that gets a little out of range or if taking drugs to prevent the problem actually worked, why is our country going broke trying to practice this type of health care?

Think about the "war on cancer", the massive flu shot campaigns, the millions donated to all the various societies and associations for all diseases. How is that working? It's not! Consult with me and get real answers about the cause of your health problems - then get the truth about how to support the organs and tissues of your body to heal and repair and create a level of health you didn't think you could ever regain!

Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well

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Dr. Dennis Mutell, D.C., D.A.C.B.S.P., D.A.C.B.N., C.C.N. graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1983 with honors. Following graduation Dr. Mutell set up a private practice in Baldwin, New York. While in practice Dr. Mutell's interest in running led him to pursue post graduate training in the care and treatment of athletes.

Both for personal and professional reasons his interest in nutrition for improved athletic performance and health became a focal point of his practice. Dr. Mutell obtained diplomat status with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.

Since 1984 Dr. Mutell has worked with athletes, private patients and corporations helping individuals achieve better health and wellness with proper nutrition and life style management.