Side Effects of HGH

It's been heralded for its ability to virtually "turn back time," but the side effects of HGH that occur when it is used incorrectly are harrowing. Read below to learn what can go wrong when one decides to take HGH, and take care when beginning any HGH regimen. Weigh the benefits versus the risks, and select the type of HGH that is most likely to prove safe for you.

Side effects of injections and supplements of HGH include:

-Stiff muscles and joints - Though HGH most definitely helps the user increase muscle mass, it also can result in muscles that are difficult to stretch out and joints that feel stagnant.

-High blood pressure - Some studies have shown that HGH use by the elderly can eventually result in complications like high blood pressure, which may affect a person's lifespan. Even with the knowledge of side eff ects, some people purport to enjoy the vitality HGH use brings to their life, and to therefore accept the possibility of some side effects in the process.

-Fluid retention - Many people take HGH for its anti-aging benefits, so it comes as a surprise to some when they experience fluid retention. After all, increased muscle mass gives one the ability to burn more calories and thus decrease fat stores; fluid retention can make it look as if one has gained weight instead of lost it.

-Carpal tunnel syndrome - Uncomfortable and a real hindrance for computer users in particular, carpal tunnel syndrome can occur due to HGH supplementation.

-The onset of diabetes - This is a debated side effe ct, as HGH also been shown to lessen one's chance of developing diabetes. It depends which studies you view as to what your final opinion will be on this matter.

-Enlarged heart and/or kidneys - A scary side effect that can happen due to HGH therapy, an enlarged heart and/or kidneys is definitely a concern.

-Nightmares - Some side effects of HGH do not seem intuitive, and nightmares or night terrors are one of these.

-Allergic reactions - Itchiness, rashes, swelling at injection site and more can occur as a result of an allergic reaction to HGH.

To lessen your changes of experiencing side effects of HGH, make sure you are taking a supplement that is well-known for its relative safety and efficacy. Do not take more than is prescribed by a professional, and be on the lookout for any and all side effects.